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Ministries and Missions

The GGBA Partnership seeks to honor our Lord by fulfilling the "Commission" and "Commandment" which our Lord Jesus left for us.  Through local Ministries as well as domestic and international mission, the goal is to share the "Never-Changing gospel of Christ" with the "Ever-changing world."

George Greene Food Bank

Jack Walley, Director


Statement of Purpose


The George County Baptist Food Bank is a ministry of the George/Greene Baptist Association which offers both physical and spiritual nourishment to the residents of George/Greene and transients passing through George County. The Baptist Food Bank is an emergency food program which functions to give immediate short-term aid to needy families in George County. It is our goal to carry out the teachings of Christ both in word and in deed.

HOURS: 10am-noon Mon & Fri

Operating Procedures


The George Baptist Food Bank is governed by the Food Bank Council. The Council will establish all policies and operating procedures. The Food Bank is stocked by donations of cash and canned goods by the churches of the association and food drives. The Food Bank has expanded to have on-going help for the elder in our churches.


In an effort to be good stewards of the resources you provide for the Food Bank, we are making changes in the operation system. The George/Greene Baptist Food Bank is a crisis Food Bank that helps people through a crisis situation. The Food Bank will assist someone every six months unless it is someone that the church recommends for continuing assistance. The Food Bank is a ministry of the local churches of George/Greene Baptist Association and therefore is is the churches that are ministering to people in crisis. The Food Bank is returning to the original format that we will serve on the people who are referred to us by a participating church. Each church should have received referral forms to make copies of.

Rev. Walter Mixon

GBBA DR Director

The GGBA is beginning the work of being trained for Disaster Relief ministry.  It is the heartbeat of God's people who make up the GGBA to assist people when they hurt the worst and need it most.

Passion and Heart

The passion and heart of the GGBA Partnership is to offer Christ and His New Life to every person on earth.  

We do this by beginning in our Jersualem which is the Lucedale-Leakesville and the surrounding area.  Believing Christ has told us to build a GREAT JERUSALEM, our goal is to impact the lives of people in our two-county area.  Strong Churches, loving people, and Spirit-led lives who share with every person in our area is our first goal.  Additionally, the GGBA joins together for ministry to men, women, student, seniors, and more.  Presently, training is being planned for "Disaster Relief".  

Next, we turn our attention the USA and the people in this culture.  Each year people from the GGBA takes trips to Vermont and Montana to assist church planters in those two areas. Based on Jesus' words in Acts 1:8, this is our Judea and we seriously embrace this call.

Finally, our attention turns to the "WORLD".  The Bible teaches us this; "People walk in darkness" and that "Jesus is the light of the World" so we travel internationally at least once each year teaming up with missionaries and planters in Brazil, El Salvador, etc to share Jesus with the peoples of the culture.  

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