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GGBA Leadership - 2020-2021

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Bro. Walter Mixon

Association Missions Director

Mrs. Lisa Freeman

has served the GGBA since 1988 as the Administrative Assistant


Moderator - Rev. Greg Foster

Moderator-Elect - Dr. Paul Brashier

Treasurer - Sterling (Rusty) Dickson

Clerk - Ashton Eley

AMD - Bro. Walter Mixon


 Administrative Team

Dr. Eddie Davidson

Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Rev. Grant McLain

Rev. Paul Walters

Rev. Mickey McLendon

Joe Kittrel

 Church Strengthening Team

Rusty Dickson - Chairman

Dr. Jacob Millstead

Dr. Brad Howard

Bruce McKenzie

Rev. Perry Robbins

Avery Champagne

Charles Breland

 Mission Strategy Team

Charlie Rogers

Wayne Webster

Leah Brewer

Nick Chatom

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