GGBA Leadership - 2020-2021

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Bro. Walter Mixon

Association Missions Director

Mrs. Lisa Freeman

has served the GGBA since 1988 as the Administrative Assistant


Moderator - Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Moderator-Elect - Bro. Greg Foster

Treasurer - Sterling (Rusty) Dickson

Clerk -

AMD - Bro. Walter Mixon


 Administrative Team

Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Bro. Greg Foster

Rusty Dickson

Dr. Eddie Davidson

Rev. Bruce McKenzie

Rev. Grant McLain

Rev. Paul Walters

Mark Holder

Joe Kittrel

 Church Strengthening Team

Rusty Dickson - Chairman

Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Rev. Larry Havard

Rev. Mickey McLendon

Rev. Perry Robbins

Avery Champagne

 Mission Strategy Team

Cory Havard

Charlie Rogers

Wayne Webster

Ronnie Kitchens

Leah Brewer