George and Greene counties are extraordinary counties in the state of Mississippi.  We enjoy a diversity of people and lifestyles in this place.  Some of the best people in the world live here.  God has called His people to permeate this culture with HIS word which is truth.  This is our message, our mission, and our mandate.  We are 33 churches in the Southeastern Corner of Mississippi called to "Reach the World From South Mississippi" and that is our goal, task, and challenge.


God's people, who make up the George-Greene Baptist Association, are committed to fulfilling God's assignment.  According to the words of our Lord Jesus, we begin by building a "STRONG JERUSALEM."  This means we keep our focus and attention to reaching the people in our two counties with the wonderful words of life that are found in the gospel and grace of Jesus.  We are seeking to find ways to share Jesus' love and truth in practical ways that will open the door to an effective verbal witness.  


From our Jerusalem, we desire to reach to Judea and the 'uttermost parts' of the world through mission trips, endeavors, and other (any) means possible while paying close attention to our "Samaria."  We recognize that 'Samaria' represents those places where no one wants to go.  


In the GGBA you will discover all types, styles, and sizes of congregations.  Within the churches, you'll find people who are good, flawed, helpful, and even sinful, but people who have been SAVED by Jesus, God's only Son.  From these people who have been forgiven and changed, you will sense God's love and acceptance.  


We pray that you know the Lord personally and walk with Him each and every day.



Bro. J

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