George and Greene counties are extraordinary counties in the state of Mississippi.  We enjoy a diversity of people and lifestyles in this place.  Some of the best people in the world live here.  God has called His people to permeate this culture with HIS word which is truth.  This is our message, our mission, and our mandate.  We are 34 churches in the Southeastern Corner of Mississippi called to "Reach the World From South Mississippi" and that is our goal, task, and challenge.  The George Greene Baptist Association (GGBA) is simply a partnership of churches who have determined to work together for the gospel by associating through shared resources that those without Christ can have the opportunity to know Him.


Recent years have born witness to the heart of the GGBA.  In 2019 we were privileged to send over 45 people on Mission Trips to extend and expand the reach of the gospel.  Both domestic and international missions find a place in the heart of the churches and people who are the family of the GGBA.  

Plans in 2020 are to continue and expand this mission emphasis and then embrace the challenge of reaching our "Jerusalem" for Christ.  If you are like-minded in this goal, you are invited to join one of our member churches and be a part of the journey.  



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