Brokering Unity for the Advancement of the Gospel.
George-Greene Baptist Association
Thursday, October 27, 2016
Reaching the World From South Mississippi







Rev. Jimmy Holcomb, Associational Missions Director

134 Hiway 198 W, PO Box 93, Lucedale, MS 39452
Cell 601-394-8822
Phone 601-947-4981 or 1-877-947-4981
                    Volume 1              December 2008           Number 2 
Church of the Month
Pastor - Rev. Grant McLain
 Music - Donna McLain
Youth - Allen Bryan
Church Address
14090 Hwy 63/POB 1491 
Lucedale, MS 39452
Covenant was organized in 2005 and has a Resident Membership of 53. Bro. Grant has been Pastor at Covenant since he started the church four years ago.
Worship Schedule
Sunday School  9:00AM
Worship  10:00AM
Childrens Discipleship(Amazing Race) 5:30PM
Adult/Youth Bible Study 6:00PM
Prayer Meeting/Bible Drills/Bible Study  7:00PM
 Churches encouraging, supporting & assisting one another for the honor and glory of God.


 West Africa Opportunity
The Lord blessed George/Greene Baptist with a wonderful opportunity to engage a people group called the Gwa. There are around 1,500 to 2,000 Gwa who live in Northern Nigeria. There are no known Christians among this tribe. The tribe is very Islamic and persecution is very real for those who will trust Christ. We will have an informational meeting January 12, at 7:00pm, here at the Baptist Center for those who may be interested in being involved reaching this tribe for Jesus. The first trip is planned for March 1 - 10 and the trip will be difficult. Please begin to pray for the Gwa and for those who will go on this trip. "After these things I looked and behold, a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes and palm branches were in their hands." Rev. 7:9 NASB. If we do not go, there may be a tongue and tribe missing before the throne.
Merger Update 
All the associational teams have met and are beginning to work for the new year. This is going to be a great year in our association as we resource and assist the churches of George/Greene to reach the world for Jesus. Please pray as the teams seek the Lord's will  and begin to implement the work of the association.





 Monday, January 26, 7PM, we will have an informational meeting for the 2009 trip at the Baptist Center. If you have an interest in going this year, this is the meeting for you. This is our second year of partnership with the Pereiras Baptist Mission. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering


  This is the time of year for Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This offering is taken for International Missions. Every penny given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goes directly to the mission field. Our missionarries count on these gifts to help them spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. We have 5,318 missionaries serving around the globe, but with 5 billion lost people in the world, we need many more. Please consider how you will give to Lottie Moon this year. My mother lived on a very limited income but when she passed away, I saw her giving record to the church and there she had given $52.00 to Lottie Moon. A dollar a week is what she put back for Lottie Moon. What will you give?



Bivo/Small Church

Ministers/Wives Retreat


 The Pastor/Leadership Development Department of the MBCB is sponsoring a Bivo/Small Church Ministers and Wives Retreat at William Carey University, December 5-6. The retreat will begin Friday evening at 6PM with a banquet and evening of skill sessions for ministers and wives and worship. Then will resume on Saturday morning at 8:30AM. There is a preregistration fee of $20.00 that will be refunded to those who attend. If you would like to register, contact Kay McDonnell at the MBCB, 1-800-7481651 for further information.





(results & pictures on shoe box link)


We received 2,291 shoeboxes at the Baptist Center, Lucedale, MS.
31,661 shoeboxes were received in South Mississippi.
41 churches/groups donated shoeboxes. 
11 churches nearly or more than doubled their 2007 donation.  Praise the Lord!!
Here are individual numbers:
(Note: the asterisk donates nearly or more than doubled their 2007 donation)
Agricola BC GA's 81
Antioch BC, Leakesville 56
Avera BC 5
Bexley BC 32
Caswell Springs UMC 84
Cedar Grove BC 17
Central Elementary School 36
Community of Christ, Vancleave 96
Cornerstone Full Gospel 53*
Covenant BC 92*
East Salem BC 68
Faith Academy 5th Grade Class 21
Family Life Fellowship 17
Fellowship BC 123*
FBC Leakesville 50*
FBC Lucedale 160
FBC McLain 61*
FBC Sandhill 17
George Co. HS SADD/Key Clubs 50
George Co. Middle School 22
Heritage BC 40
Howell Miss. BC 34
Hurley BC 76
Larue BC 24
Magnolia BC, Hurley 40
Martin Bluff BC, Gautier 73
Midway BC 49*
Movella Assembly of God 37
New Beginnings 12*
New Life BC 158*
Piave BC 37
Pine Level BC 28
Pinewood BC 15
Pleasant Hill BC 43*
Pine Lake BC, Vancleave 22
Rocky Creek BC 88
Shady Grove BC 46*
Southside BC 174*
Union Miss. BC 10
Unity BC 101
Vernal Presbyterian 21

Majority of churches have increased their total from last year!

Thank You to the churches.





September 1, 2009, 7 p.m. Baptist Center


2009 Collection Week November 16-22, 2009
 will be our Kickoff/Orientation/Celebration Party for OCC 2009.

 Block Party


George/Greene sponsored a block party, November 15 in Leakesville. Several of our churches along with other churches and government offices participated. There were praise bands, inflatable's, games, hotdogs, water an hot chocolate. The United Blood Services held a blood drive as well and the JCJC BSU helped the block party. Philip Price provided leadership of this event and despite the cold weather it was a great success. If your church or group of churches in your area would like a block party to reach out to the community, let us hear from you.



 First Executive Committee for George/Greene


Our first Executive Committee meeting for our merged association is scheduled for Sunday, January 11 at 2:30pm at Antioch Baptist Church. The Lord is really blessing the combined work of the association. This should be a wonderful time of report and worship. Please make this a priority on your calendar as we make history. The Executive Committee consist of the Pastor and one elected member from each church. While this is the voting body of the committee, everyone is invited. If you have not chosen an Executive Committee Member, or if you haven't let us know who they are please do so ASAP. 


 Church Revitalization


We have a process of church revitalization available for churches who are interested in developing a strategy plan for the next two to three years. We currently have one church in this process and already excitement is building within the church. If you would like more information about this process, or would like to become involved, contact Bro. Jimmy.


 Not what we say about our blessings,

but how we use them,

is the true measure of our Thanksgiving.


WT Purkiser




News from our churches



Neely Baptist Church

Rev. J. Wilbur Hall


We at Neely Baptist Church are now in the process of remodeling our sanctuary. We will be repairing the ceiling, replacing the windows, recovering the pews, replacing the carpet and installing a new sound system. We hope to be back in the sanctuary before Christmas. Are planning a dedication service.


Men's Banquet
We would like to remind all of our men and boys of our 31st annual Men's Banquet coming January 27 at FBC Leakesville. This year our guest is Ray Mears, an outdoor photographer from Monroe, LA. Ray has photographed deer, turkey and other wildlife. He is also an evangelist who has a passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to lead others on the great Christian adventure. You can visit his website at to see his work. This is really going to be a special evening, so make plans now to attend. Your church should have tickets the first of January.
Cedar Grove Baptist Church
Rev. Greg Foster
December 14
11am     Handbell Choir Christmas
6pm     Youth Christmas Musical
December 21
11am     Adult Choir Christmas Cantata
6pm     Children's Christmas Musical
"The Plane Truth About Christmas"
Tuesday, December 2
Hook, Line and Sinker
The ministers and wives Christmas Fellowship will be at the Hook, Line and Sinker restaurant in Agricola. This is always a great time of encouragement, fellowship and a great meal. Michael Barnett, Pastor of FBC Ocean Springs is going to encourage and challenge us this year. We have sent out RSVP cards to all our ministers and we really need to hear from you so proper preparations for the meal can be made. If you have any questions, please contact us.
 Demographics and History
We can provide a demographic study of your community and through NAMB and a church history of the past ten years. Knowing the history of your church helps you determine God's future for your church. If you are to reach successfully to your community then it is necessary to know who is living there. As we have provided the demographics to churches, it never fails to bring surprises as to whom and how many are living within the shadow of your steeple. Please contact Bro. Jimmy at the Baptist Center for your demographic study and history and for a consultation to assist in the interpetation of them.
An Unforgettable Weekend
Lovingly Committed: 24/7
Marriage Enrichment Getaway
February 13, 14 & 15, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
Location: Hilton Beach Gulf Front Hotel
Speakers include Ronnie & Beverly Cottingham, Tommy & Andrea Mitchell and 
Wayne & Tina Hudson
Musicians: Steve & Becky Carver
For a full color brochure call
Space is limited!
Memorial to the Missing
The Memorial to the Missing is a memorial to the aborted children in the USA. The memorial is located a the Baptist Building in Jackson and is a glass house with 50 million pennies inside. It is a quite a visual aide to see 50 million and know that they represent 50 million missing lives. After a certain period of time the pennies will be cashed in and the money used to fight sanctity of life issues. They will still accept donations for this purpose, but it is better to send a check instead of pennies. You can see a picture on the MBCB website at
 Happy Thanksgiving!
May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May you potatoes and gravy
have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And you pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
stay off of your thighs!
Gifts from Churches
Church                    September  October Totals 
Agricola 1,662.66 1,506.33 3,168.99
Antioch 586.61 403.94 972.55
Avera 60.92 120.55 181.47
Barton 1,028.71 714.21 1,742.92
Bexley   429.02 492.02
Cedar Grove 1,298.09 803.33 2,101.42
Covenant 50.00 50.00 100.00
East Salem 671.38 651.00 1,322.38
FB Benndale 35.86 38.68 74.54
FB Leakesville 741.70 931.62 1,673.32
FB Lucedale 1,574.00 2,021.15 3,595.15
FB McLain 601.05 864.13 1,465.18
Heritage 120.15 168.58 288.73
Johnson Creek      
Midway 453.20 370.04 823.24
Neely 51.00   51.00
New Beginnings 52.11 49.66 101.77
New Hope 231.04 185.11 416.15
New Life 1,156.81 78.33 1,235.14
Northside 54.84   54.84
Piave 347.00 263.00 610.00
Pine Level 50.26 26.36 76.62
Pleasant Hill      
Rocky Creek 1,255.00 1,171.00 2,426.00
Sand Hill 1,297.30 737.37 2,034.67
Shady Grove 977.43 870.57 1,848.00
Southside 152.00 326.00 478.00
Unity 308.18   308.18
West Salem 756.00 756.00 1,512.00
Totals $14,555.30 $13,535.98  $28,091.28
September, 2008
CHURCHES VISITED: Shady Grove, Bexley, FBC Leakesville, Antioch, FBC Lucedale and Mohoba
CHURCHES PREACHED: Mutual Rights (Senior Adult Prayer Meeting), Fellowship (Baptism), Midway, Piave (ordination), Unity (fellowship meal), SMCI
OTHER ACTIVITIES: I had the privilege of sharing our West Africa opportunity with the Kiwanis's Club of Lucedale, I provided devotions for sports teams at Greene County High School, spoke at Turner Duvall Retirement Village, made several hospital visits, attended all the annual meetings of both associations, attended GC9 meeting, attended Deacon training at Louisville, assisted New Beginnings with a Community Day, attended planning meeting for Block Party for Leakesville area, attended Board of Directors meeting for Turner Duvall Retirement Village, met with a church on a demographic report, signed up RID inmates for Survival Kit Study, attended state AMD meeting at Park Place and attended the MS Baptist Convention where I served on Resolution Committee.
God has great plans for us next year and I
look forward to reaching the world
together for Jesus.
Following Jesus,
Bro. Jimmy
Lesson from Taz  
 Last month I shared a story about one of our dogs and this month I want to share from all the animals. Let me introduce them again to you, Taz who is queen and scholar, she is our cat. Then we have two dogs, Roxie who you met last month and her puppy Ginger. Sometimes I think we are owned by our animals more than we own them. Anyway, all these animals have different personalities and it is more that just being cats and dogs.
Taz is very reserved in her affections toward us. If she gets petted, then it's her idea. Ginger on the other hand is so excitable. She will jump and jump and try to climb all over you. Ginger can hardly contain herself when we are outside with her. Roxie, however, is almost right in the middle between Taz and Ginger. She is excited sometimes to see us and then other times she is reserved.
As I thought about the different ways these animals relate to us, God began to teach me another lesson. Our animals in their own way, express emotions and feelings of being in the presence of their masters. For Taz, it is a reserved response, for Ginger you cannot contain her and Roxie is the middle one. But one does not love us more or less, they are just expressing their excitement of being in the presence of our Master. As we enter into the presence of our Master, we must express our love and devotion whether that is prayer, song, praise and we should be careful not to think our way is more spiritual or better than someone else. Maybe instead of being so sensitive on someone else's worship we should focus more on the One we worship and express our love for Him.
Bro. Jimmy and the girls
November 27  Thanksgiving Day      
November 28  Office Closed               
Nov 30-Dec 7  Week of Prayer Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
December 2  Ministers/Wives Christmas Fellowship 
December 22 Office closed for holidays             
December 25  Christmas Day                                                   
December 29  Youth Evangelism Conference


December Birthdays!!
 5 Kim Havard - Bexley
5 Lisa Byrd - Pine Level
18 Seth Walters - Pleasant Hill
30 Kaylee McLendon - East Salem
31 Rev. Neil Wigley - Agricola
Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas
from the webmaster of the site.